Bug Zapper, High-Performance 4300V, 20W UV 2 in 1 Indoor and Outdoor Multifunctional Mosquito Killer Lamp, IPX4 High-Grade Waterproof, Mosquito Killer for Mosquitoes, Wasps, House Flies

[4300V High Efficiency] PALONE mosquito killer, 4300V high efficiency mosquito killer, 20W UV pest killer, using bionic technology, it is easier to catch mosquitoes and kill insects. It is a 360° upgraded version of the automatic mosquito killer, the power is 2-4 times that of the ordinary mosquito killer, and the coverage is wide.
[Safety Guarantee] PALONE mosquito killer lamp adopts ABS safety protective shell, and is equipped with a safe weatherproof cover. It is very environmentally friendly and can be used 100% safely. This mosquito killer is odorless, smokeless and noiseless. Your sleep will not be disturbed, and you will get a high-quality living environment.
[Multifunctional] PALONE mosquito killer lamp is suitable for many occasions, such as: office, living room, courtyard, bedroom, kitchen, baby room, etc. This mosquito killer can also be used outdoors. It is equipped with IPX4 advanced waterproof function. It can be placed anywhere outdoors by using the top hook. It is a good companion for travel and picnics. It can kill mosquitoes, ants, house flies, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, etc., with very good effects.
[Cable Length and Easy of Use] PALONE mosquito killer, the cable is long enough, in any case, you can use the 3.9FT cable without external socket, it can solve the connection problem of multiple cables at the same time. In addition, there are top hooks specially used for indoor and outdoor expansion, which is very convenient to use.
[Easy to Clean] PALONE Mosquito Killer, the bottom is easy to clean. It can be cleaned in only 3 steps. It is equipped with a handy brush to achieve the best cleaning effect. It is easier to clean than fly swatter or insect repellent, and it cleans faster.